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N.O.R.A. – circular shoes from Italy

There are plenty of shoes. The Italian Simone Gronchi has designed quite a few of them himself over the past 30 years. The names of the fashion houses he designs for are well known. But not relevant at this point. Because the shoe designer has now used his XL expertise to realize his own project. With N.O.R.A. Simone Gronchi launched a shoe collection that is as beautiful as it is circular.

Imagine there are shoes that are almost entirely made with organic materials under fair conditions and that can easily play in the top league of high-fashion magazines. Sounds good? Is great. But N.O.R.A. by Simone Gronchi Design can even add one (or two) points to it: The shoes are 100 percent “Made in Italy” (in the most positive sense) and – attention! – recyclable.

Because the new way of sustainable thinking is circular.

Why do sustainability and style have to contradict each other so often? And why is sustainability not implemented consistently? The Tuscan shoe expert asked himself these questions, found no answer and took matters into his own hands. The result? A collection that meets the highest sustainable standards and combines it with timeless, elegant design. From the regional (sustainable!) material to the processing on site, regarding the Italian shoe trade and extending the cycle in which the shoes should stay (keyword: recycling) in order to provide pleasure for a long time and to protect the environment from soup to nuts.


Made in Italy as a real quality feature

Since decades people from Munich are happy to go on a transalpine weekend shopping trip to South Tyrol to buy wonderful “Made in Italy” shoes. Italian shoes were not only a promise of quality, but also a stylistic feature. This is where Simone Gronchi’s philosophy comes into play. He relies on his sense of style and his personal network of suppliers and craftsmen who have been with him for years. The result? A shoe collection that combines Italian craftsmanship, excellent shoe design and consistent sustainability.

The sustainable N.O.R.A. manifest

N – Neoartisanal
Traditional Italian craftsmanship combined with modern techniques.
O – organic
95 percent of the materials are of organic origin and 100 percent come from sustainable productions with transparent and certified tracking.
R – Recyclable
The complete recycling of the shoes is possible.
A – authentic
N.O.R.A. was born out of a passion for shoe design in order to bring Italian craftsmanship back to what it was: a quality feature.

Vegetable tanned leather, cord made of organic cotton, cactus leather – the aim of the project is consistent sustainability through the optimization of all processes and components in combination with the highest standards for social responsibility. With 95 percent natural materials, the fact that N.O.R.A. Shoes are biodegradable, short delivery routes, timeless, elegant designs and Italian craftsmanship, Simone Gronchi has ushered in a new era of sustainable shoe production.

Designed by Simone Gronchi
Produced by Ambra Cavallini Calzaturficio


Everything “Made in Tuscany” of course. Because with his design studio Simone Gronchi is in the epicenter of Italian craftsmanship, where manufactories and family-run factories are still at home today. This is where the high-quality leather and leather accessories come from, which are used worldwide for luxurious productions.

The shoe guru: Simone Gronchi

Simone Gronchi is working as a freelance shoe designer for over 30 years and runs his design studio with the same name with passion and competence from the first drawing to the prototype. Always accompanied and guided by the search for new things, which his customers, numerous well-known couture and pret-a-porter houses, appreciate. With this knowledge, he has now designed a stylish, timeless and consistently sustainable shoe collection.

Design, research and development are managed in-house in our studio and lab in Tuscany. Simone Gronchi

The designer is not surprised that the consumer does not know exactly what the term sustainability means. That is why he relies on a clear message and consistent transparency:

The N.O.R.A. approach? Reuse everything in a better way.

Now the visionary designer is looking for partners to whom consistent sustainability and design are just as important as for him. Because he doesn’t want to bring just his shoes onto the market in Germany. Just like us, Simone Gronchi lives the #BetterTogether principle and relies on synergies to make sustainable design what it should be: the new normal. That is why he is looking for exciting eco brands whose collections match his models. We are sure: His flats, heels and booties are the perfect addition to one or the other online shop of the GREENSTYLE labels. Get in touch if you see it the same way and if your pieces fits to N.O.R.A. Together we are more.

If you are interested in working together, please contact

Immerse yourself in the world of N.O.R.A.

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