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Maravillas Bags

Maravillas Bags

After studying fashion design in Florence, Christina worked as a costume designer in the Berlin film scene for several years before moving to Mallorca with her family.

In Mallorca, she started designing bags and accessories that quickly attracted enthusiastic fans, which led her to launch her label, Maravillas Bags, in 2014.

Since then, Christina has been making tote bags, satchel bags, shoppers, weekenders & co in her studio in Son Españolet in Palma de Mallorca, using vegetable-tanned eco-leather – which she obtains from trusted tanneries in Europe – vegan pineapple leather and brand new FSC-certified wood.

Maravillas Bags

PIÑATEX – the vegan leather alternative

Since her first contact with “Pineapple Leather”, Christina has been absolutely thrilled and integrated PIÑATEX firmly into her bag and accessory production several seasons ago. She uses it to make pieces such as the Cross Body Bag “Deia”, which in combination with the golden link chain becomes a sustainable statement piece.

Wonderfully light and super resistant

The vegan leather alternative with the distinctive surface structure, originally from England, is produced out of pineapple plant leaves from Spain and the Philippines. Insanely light and supple, breathable, water-repelling, durable and colorfast – a pretty smart leather alternative as the “vegan leather” is made from a waste product that disregarded during pineapple harvest.

Vegetable tanned leather from Maravillas Bags

Instead of toxic chrome, Christina uses only vegetable-tanned leather for her eco-leather collection. Her bags are tanned in an environmentally friendly way, using oak, spruce bark, olive leaves or rhubarb root.

Maravillas Bags

Brand new: the WOOD collection

Inspired by the beautiful raffia beach bags – woven by local Mallorcan craftsmen – the range of Maravillas Bags has been extended to include the WOOD collection, made of flexible walnut veneer in combination with eco leather or PIÑATEX. To do this, the walnut wood obtained from FSC certified forests is applied to an organic cotton base and then laser cut to make it flexible and soft.

Whether leather, pineapple, raffia or wood, Christina’s aim with the collections of her label is to leave an XS ecological footprint. This is achieved through local production and working with waste products such as pineapple leaves.

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