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Natural soaps, peelings, aromatic baths: At I WANT YOU NAKED everything is handcrafted in Munich. But why naked? Because nothing harmful gets into the pots and pans of Aline Werr's natural cosmetics brand with its striking name. It is all about pure nature.

It takes just 26 seconds for ingredients from cosmetic products to enter the bloodstream through the skin. That’s why the Munich-based natural cosmetics brand, I WANT YOU NAKED, allows itself the luxury of avoiding unnecessary ingredients. If you are looking for synthetic fragrances, dyes and preservatives, silicones, paraffins or other raw materials based on mineral oil, you will not find them here.

“Bye-bye synthetics. Hello nature! Because “naked” stands for abandoning synthetic ingredients.”

We 100 percent trust in the power of nature and use the cleansing and caring effect of plant ingredients, high-quality salts, minerals, oils and aromas, which in combination support the skin in its natural regeneration or in protecting it from harmful environmental influences.

I want you naked

The sustainable approach at IWYN is also consistently applied to the packaging. The fragrant products are wrapped in uncoated paper, filled in glass containers with bamboo lids or when necessary (risk of breaking!) in recycled PET.

I WANT YOU NAKED – Return & Recycle: Good for us. Good for the environment.

Und weil die Tiegel, Gläser und Flaschen mit Bambusdeckel zum Wegwerfen viel zu schade sind, gibt es für einige Produkte umweltfreundliche Refiller. Wer sie nicht behalten möchte, kann sie auch kostenfrei zurückschicken. Ab drei Gefäßen gibt es einen Gutscheincode im Wert von 10 Euro für den Onlineshop. Und die retournierten Gefäße werden nach der sorgfältigen Reinigung wieder in den Kreislauf zurückgebracht. Alle Infos dazu gibt’s

And because jars, glasses and bottles with bamboo lids are far too good to toss, some products can be refilled. If you don’t want to keep them, you can send them back free of charge. When sending in three or more jars, you receive a voucher of 10 Euros for the online shop. And the returned containers are put back into use after careful cleaning. You can find all information here.

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