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Green Pea

Green Pea – the (most) sustainable shopping center in the world

Granted, that can make you a little jealous. A thoroughly sustainable (and extremely stylish!) Shopping center in which there are only brands that produce with respect for nature and transparently. In December 2020 the Green Pea, the first green shopping center with exciting stores and traditional brands such as the high-end bag brand Borbonese, opened in Via Nizza 230 Turin.

Should we stop consuming or start consuming respectfully? The Green Pea makers answer the question that leads to disagreements over and over again: It is time to enjoy nature with respect. With this vision, ten years of planning and a proud investor sum (50 million euros), the “Green Pea”, which was conceived as a natural organism, was opened in December 2020 and has since made it clear that sustainable lifestyle and style are not contradicting each other. More than 100 partners bring the Green Pea symbol together on every product sold.

The Green Pea Mission: In the 2020s, sustainable behavior has to get cool.

Home and office, fashion as well as vehicles with clean energy and interior – these topics await visitors on five floors and 15,000 square meters. In over 60 shops there are mainly Italian companies that have decided to produce respectfully and transparently and to make the label “Made in Italy” what it was again. A quality feature.

Green Pea

A new type of consumption as a symbol of cultural change: sustainable shopping in Green Pea Turin.

That is also the intention of Alessandro Pescara, the CEO of Maison Borbonese. Just like the Green Pea initiators, he focuses on conscious consumption. This is made possible by the production of long-lasting and sustainable products that are designed in such a way that they can be reused through recycling and contribute to the preservation of our planet. Borbonese is taking the 110th anniversary as an opportunity to become even more responsible in many areas. That is why the Italian high-end bag brand supports the Green Pea Mission with great vigor. 50 percent of the collection is already sustainable. The goal? 100 percent.

Confident supporters of the Green Pea project – the traditional Turin company Borbonese.

On almost 40 square meters, Borbonese shows with sustainably manufactured shoppers, weekenders, bucket and cross-body bags how seriously you take the sustainable goals you have set yourself. The journey towards sustainability began in 2019 with the decision to use La Granda leather. The association of Piedmontese breeders is known for their careful breeding, high sensitivity to animal welfare issues and their transparent supply chain. In addition, 100 percent recycled PET nylon (Eco-Jet), Italian recycled linen and certified fabrics are used, which can be disposed of in an environmentally friendly way at the end of the life cycle. Discover more from Borbonese @ Green Pea

More about the “Green Pea” of Turin

Five floors are hidden behind the sophisticated wood and glass facade. The wood comes from forest that fell victim to a storm in October 2018. The glass is recycled. Behind the innovative showcase project is none other than Eatly owner Oscar Farinetti, who with the green pea is easily continuing the Turin trend for innovative and sustainable architectural projects such as the 25 Verde tree house apartments or the Intesa Sanpaolo skyscraper. The unique shopping experience is complemented by the Green Pea Discovery Museum, three restaurants, a pool, a spa and a club.

It goes without saying that the Green Pea is on our next travel route towards Italy. After all, we use the green pea together for our communication.

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