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Fashion trade in Corona times

Christina Wille sets standards with her commitment and her activities. She has been running the vegan eco fashion store LOVECO in Berlin since 2014. An online shop was added two years later. Two other shops were also opened in Berlin. She clearly defines the basis of her work: Christina relies on eco, fair and vegan, on sustainable materials and trustworthy seals. The lockdown time was very difficult, she says. A lot could be caught online. Now start again step by step.

With the online shop we were able to absorb a lot. We get away with a black eye and a big credit.

How did consumers react to the crisis? Is there a trend towards more sustainability? Christina observes that the crisis didn’t really shake people up. She hardly notices any changes in consumer behavior, “but it was nice to see that solidarity among each other has increased, both on the customer side and on the brand side.” That are good news.

“Consumer behavior has changed little, but solidarity among each other has increased”. Christina Wille on corona-related changes in fashion retail

Christina is very concerned that the industry is changing. Once again, it has been shown that it would be important to equalize the fashion cycles. Say: summer clothes to show and sell in summer and winter garments in winter.

How big the problems are still not yet clear. But one thing is already clear: bankruptcies will come, because fashion retail, whether conventional or sustainable, is badly affected by the crisis.

In parallel to our initiative, there were also movements in other countries.
The big goal? To save sustainable fashion beyond the crisis.

Together with Lanius, LangerChen and Avocadostore, Christina Wille founded the #fairfashionsolidarity movement. Even if the crisis does not leave anyone without a trace, Christina is happy that the community is standing together. Because it is important not to lose sight of the big common goal: to improve the fashion industry from scratch. And the crisis also brings positive things and new opportunities.

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