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Win, win, win: Choose your Capsule from Fairnica

If you combine cleverly, you can style a lot of exciting looks with just a few parts. Sounds good? Is great! So that you can try it out in an uncomplicated way, we are giving away a three-month rental period for a desired capsule from Fairnica

Trends change weekly and the fashion cycles have become so fast that neither designers nor consumers can (or want to) do justice to every change of direction. This development has led to a massive overproduction of cheap mass-produced goods, which urgently needs to be reduced. GOOD news: Real favorite items are worth a lot more than a whole cupboard full of “slow-moving” items. Cleverly combined, numerous outfits can be put together with just a few pieces. You can find styling inspiration and curated rental capsules at Fairnica.


Win your capsule now

With the “Less is more: Rent your Capsule Wardrobe” format, we will show you at the GREENSTYLE (Responsible) Fashion Summit (register here) how few items of clothing you need to create casual looks. We introduce you to Fairnica founder Nicola Henseler and trend scout Alexandra Dietl styles the GREENSTYLE x Fairnica capsule “Pauline” with trend pieces live in the studio.

Don’t miss: We are giving away a three-month rental period for your dream capsule during the conference (8 April from 5 p.m.)!


We have an average of 95 items of clothing. Very few are favorite pieces. A well-stocked wardrobe with timeless highlights – the so-called capsule wardrobe – is easier to use, saves money and protects the environment.

Your way to the capsule wardrobe?

  • inventory
  • Sort out
  • Clever combination of favorite pieces (shop your own closet)

I wish you success!

Header: © Bina Nöhr