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TEDxYouth @ München: UNSTOPPABLE

Crunchy TEDxYouth Talks on important topics such as climate goals, entrepreneurship of tomorrow, new coexistence in society and life after COVID-19, exciting (free) online workshops, interactive discussion groups, music performances - for the second time on 15 May 2020 the TEDx Youth, which explicitly addresses the young generation and their challenges, takes place in Munich. For the first time digital only.

At TEDxYouth @ Munich ideas and projects are presented and discussed by great, young personalities who appeal to a younger audience and inspire changemakers under 25 to shape the future positively.

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Welcome on the virtual TEDx Youth Stage

Together with speakers like Esra Karakaya, Tristan Horx, Felix Finkbeiner, Charles Bahr and many more. In addition to the main program, there will also be online workshops with selected partners prior to the event, and an after-show party after the main program.


TEDxYouth @ Munich
Online Workshops: 2pm and 5pm

Free online workshops by partners and TEDxMünchen friends:

3pm to 3.50pm
In this workshop there is the possibility to set your own inner compass.

3pm to 4.30pm
Illustrator and graphic designer Adrian Sonnberger gives insights into his world of illustration. Together with the participants, he creates a digital poster.

2.30pm to 4pm
Corona Crisis: How Free Am I Still?
The following topics are being discussed: “Tracing app: how much control and what is ok for me?”, “Can the state prohibit me from meeting my friends?” and “How important is my right to demonstrate?”

TEDxYouth @ Munich
Main Event: 5pm to 8pm

The main session includes four topics with more than ten speakers and experts, live music acts and many new perspectives.


Speakers & topics:

Climate goals, more accessible today than yesterday.
Felix Finkbeiner, founder of the Plant-for-the-Planet children’s and youth initiative.

Our life after COVID-19.
Tristan Horx, futurist, speaker and author at the Zukunftsinstitut.

Society 2.0: The new norm is different.
Esra Karakaya, video journalist and founder of YouTube talk show KARAKAYA TALK

We, the entrepreneurs of tomorrow.
Charles Bahr, consultant and founder of Tubeconnect.

All Topics and free Tickets are available here