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dayê rose

dayê rose – fair and sustainable nursing fashion

Stylish, practical, sustainable. These three attributes were missing for Sermin Reinold when she became a mother for the first time. That's why she produces stylish nursing wear with her Cologne-based label dayê rose to make you feel good. To arrive in. For the postpartum period. For breastfeeding and beyond.

Nursing wear for fashionable mothers. Nursing wear with a timeless design, fairly produced, made from sustainable materials. Comfortable pieces with casual or tailored cuts that support mothers and their needs and give them the feeling that their demands for this formative phase of life are taken seriously. Items of clothing that meet the special needs after birth and are clearly not one thing: maternity wear that fits anything but flatteringly thanks to the lack of a baby bump after birth. Sermin Reinold was missing all of this when she became a mother for the first time. And that’s why she made nursing wear something that women can do themselves good with. And thanks to the smartly incorporated, at first glance invisible access to the breast, the collection can also be worn long after breastfeeding.

Nursing wear instead of maternity wear: timelessly beautiful design and high quality turn the “disposable” piece into a long-lasting favorite companion.

Can nursing fashion be sustainable? Sermin Reinold also asked herself this question, because the breastfeeding period is finite. In Germany, women breastfeed for an average of seven months and during this time they need clothing that meets the special needs of a nursing mother. Functional clothing that doesn’t make them sweat (even more). Clothing that allows access to the breast quickly and easily.

Nursing wear is functional clothing that provides easy access to the breast.

When Sermin Reinold became a mother for the first time in 2019, she quickly noticed that she was missing something. Stylish and sustainable nursing wear. She couldn’t get used to the materials (lots of plastic) or the functions (too complicated, too naked) of the range that existed up to that point. Dressing beautifully and confidently during this time played (and still plays) a big role for Sermin. However, she missed really beautiful nursing wear and so in 2021 she filled this gap in the market with her label dayê rose.

dayê rose

Not only practical, but stylish: shirts, dresses, sweaters from dayê rose.

From the beginning, Sermin was clear that her collection should not be made of synthetic fibers in order to avoid, apart from the negative environmental impact, the hormonal sweating that occurs after childbirth.

dayê rose

That’s why Sermin works for dayê rose mostly with natural and certified materials such as GOTS-certified organic cotton (also for brand, size and care labels) and cellulose fibers (chemically produced fibers of natural origin) such as Lenzing Ecovero viscose. In justified exceptional cases, synthetic (recycled!) materials are used. Currently – as of May 2024 – a fabric made of 90% organic cotton and 10% recycled polyester is used. The Oeko-Tex Standard 100 ensures that her nursing wear is free of harmful substances. The vegan expresses her desire for animal-free production with the PETA-Approved Vegan Label. This guarantees that the products are free of any ingredients of animal origin and animal cruelty.

Natural, fair, sustainable – these are the values ​​on which I build my company. Sermin Reinold, founder of dayê rose

In order to avoid plastic and to avoid packaging waste as much as possible, Sermin works with the recycling system of the German start-up wir.kiste.krei. And with every product of her nursing wear sold, she supports the children’s aid organization terre des hommes Deutschland e.V. with one euro. The products are manufactured under fair conditions for people and the environment in a sewing factory for sports, leisure and special clothing founded in 1984 in Poland. Another production facility is in Portugal. For a world for today’s breastfed children.

And where does the name come from?

Sermin’s parents were born in Turkey and spoke Kurdish with their parents. Even though Sermin doesn’t speak this language, she associates it with her childhood. dayê is Kurdish and means “mama”. That’s what the grandmothers were called by their daughters. Both had the rose in their names. And so dayê rose, “Mama Rose”, was born.

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