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Petition for a supply chain law

Lisa Jaspers is the founder of the Berlin fair trade store FOLKDAYS, which offers sustainable, fairly produced clothing, accessories, jewelry and interior products from all over the world. Lisa Jaspers is also the initiator of the #fairbylaw petition on Since April 24, 2018, the committed activist has been calling for a supply chain law that makes corporate due diligence along the supply chain mandatory.

The law, which we want to implement, should make companies liable for their own supply chains if they do not comply with the corporate duty of care.

Lisa Jaspers started her petition because she lacked the political dimension in the fair fashion discussion. When people talk about work issues, they talk about human rights. Her petition #fairbylaw calls on the German government to pass a supply chain law on corporate due diligence. Such a legal regulation would make companies liable for environmental and human rights violations if they neglect their corporate due diligence abroad. “Responsibility is often located with the consumer,” says Lisa, “political responsibility is largely lacking.” Commitment alone is a wrong approach and also not feasible.

A supply chain law causes companies to have to think differently about their own supply chains and perhaps take production back into their own hands.

Has sustainability already reached the center of society or is it still a niche topic? What would have to change to make fashion more sustainable and fair? For Lisa, sustainable fashion is still not in the mainstream. The bubble in which we move is small. This is precisely why such a law is so important because it makes companies think differently about supply chains. For Lisa it is clear that only with a mixture of legal obligations, best practice examples and correspondingly attractive business models does something go further.

“We need pioneering companies that show how it can be done. And there are already.”

Could the corona experience trigger a rethink here? Many people had more time to think about basic things. Lisa also sees it that way. Politicians also seem to be rethinking things. “I don’t want to be too optimistic, but politics also seems to have understood that there are many people who don’t want to go back to the situation before Corona.”

“I don’t want to be too optimistic, but politics also seems to have understood that many people don’t want to go back to the situation before Corona.”

And at what point is your legislative initiative now? Before Corona, Lisa Jaspers was almost a bit resigned to the supply chain law. She no longer believed that something would change here. Your hope has increased again as a draft law is to be presented and brought by the Bundestag. Let’s see if it works. ”Anyway, Lisa has her fingers crossed in her pocket.