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LangerChen – sustainable outerwear

Miranda Chen and Philipp Langer call the products of their fair fashion label LangerChen Eco Outerwear. Since 2013, the ambitious founders have not only been producing jackets and coats that are as sustainable as possible. They also produce the fabrics in their production facility near Shanghai and consistently take a stand against mass production and poor working conditions.

At LangerChen, trench coats suitable for business in classic beige or restrained gray and modern interpretations of frisian mink in bright yellow and juicy melon meet long and short parkas, bombers, wool coats (of course made of ecowool with a membrane), single and double-breasted blazers and more -Chinese duo masters the entire range of jacket and coat cuts. Clear. After all, Philipp Langer is (originally) a trained tailor and can bring this valuable expertise to both the fabric development and the design.

Despite the “Made in China” image: fair urban outerwear. Timeless, stylish. Consistent.

While Philipp Langer works with his team in Tutzing near Munich on Lake Starnberg on the timeless classic urban design for jackets, coats and parkas, his business partner Miranda Chen looks after their own production facility near Shanghai. As early as 2009, the two of them founded the environmentally friendly and fair textile manufacturer Jiecco before they founded LangerChen five years later and brought their know-how in fabric development to the production of outerwear collections.


At LangerChen, a timeless look meets sustainable materials, fair production conditions and high functionality.

LangerChen shows that contemporary and high-quality clothing can be combined with fair working conditions and fair wages and is a pioneer in China. 40 hours a week, long-term contracts, health and pension insurance, and living wages are the norm at Jiecco. With each collection, the two show anew that ‘Made in China’ doesn’t have to have anything to do with mass production or bad working conditions. There’s another way.

The smart materials and material combinations make the jackets light, comfortable and breathable.


The smart fabrics? Made by LangerChen!

The in-house research and development team develops yarns and fabrics made from GOTS-certified cotton, GOTS-certified linen and lyocell (Tencel®) from sustainable forestry. And when it’s not just natural, recycled polyester and recycled nylon are used.

Our membranes are wafer-thin, but made from conventional polyurethane. Because there are no significant sustainable innovations in the field, they make the compromise to guarantee functionality and longevity.

Good to know: The signature material that Philipp Langer developed is called Tecnowalk and is a consistent feature of all (winter) collections. Three-layer soft shell made of wool outer layer, thin polyurethane intermediate layer (makes the jackets and coats windproof and waterproof) and the inner layer made of organic cotton jersey are the secret of this material, which is as elegant as it is functional.

Large, well-known seals are important to us, they provide orientation in the otherwise opaque label jungle.

In their GOTS-certified company in China with almost 100 employees, not only their own collections are created. Jiecco now also produces for other well-known eco-players. In 2021, the location in Germany was also certified according to the GOTS standard, among other things.

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Credit: © Jasmin Breidenbach