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Coral Reef Restoration

DoDo x Tenaka – Coral Reef Restoration

The Italian jewelry brand DoDo and the French social enterprise Tenaka enter the third round. In year three of the cooperation, no new project follows. Instead, the Coral Reef Restoration project in Malaysia will continue to improve on the results achieved in just two years. Plus. Become a DoDo Ocean Conservation Ambassador now!

The coral reef off the Malaysian Tioman is considered the most resilient and species-rich coral reef in the world. Here, with the support of DoDo, a thousand square meters of underwater life was restored in 2020. The DoDo Coral Reef was born. A year later, a mangrove forest with 3,000 trees was planted on 2 hectares on the Malaysian coast in the state of Sabah. This year, DoDo, in collaboration with Tenaka, is adding 300 newly planted corals to the original project.

DoDo x Tanaka

Why the Coral Reef Restoration is so important?

The ocean provides half of the air available on earth and absorbs 30 percent of the CO2 emissions emitted into the atmosphere each year.

Through the consistent continuation of the commitment and the size of the place, which has now reached 1,500 square meters, the cooperation has achieved a lot. Among various indicators of a healthy ecosystem, endangered species such as puffer fish, sharks, hawksbill turtles, squid and sea snakes appeared here.


DoDo x Tanaka

Marine biologist and Tenaka founder Anne-Sophie Roux is also convinced of the importance of the joint work for the Coral Reef Restoration: “I am happy to work alongside DoDo for another year to regenerate the largest carbon sink on our planet. And this year the younger generations will join us on board!”

With this, Anne-Sophie Roux alludes to the educational project on marine ecosystems that DoDo announced on its website on the occasion of Earth Day on April 22, 2022. Here you are invited to participate in an online course with the aim of training a new DoDo YOUNG OCEAN LEADER. The course consists of a three-month program of theoretical and practical parts – held by the Tēnaka team.

Conditions of participation: Minimum age 18 years, good knowledge of English and a video explaining the reasons for your passion, for the environment, your own experiences and dreams.

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