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Bartenstein Academy

The market for outdoor clothing is growing. Style forecasts also give good reason to expect functional clothing. Yet, expectations from the consumer side towards the industry are high when it comes to sustainable and fair production conditions and innovative materials.


“Tangible – Sustainable – Open”, this is how the Bartenstein Academy describes itself as “the Academy for innovative Design and Development”.  Everything you want to know and learn about outdoor and functional clothing can be found here. The Bartenstein Academy is THE industry platform for young talents, students, designers, experts and companies from all over the world.

An international community is attracted to Bavaria by the Bartenstein Academy. Training, continuing education, workshops, community events, expert reports, knowledge transfer and technology transfer are offered in the outdoor textile sector.

Outdoor and nature are inseparable; however, integrating sustainability as a fixed component is essential. Industries that want to stay cognizant and strive to be a part of novel issues must learn and continuously keep learning. The Bartenstein Academy makes an important contribution to continuing education and training.

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