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lea bürkert

Job search: Lea Bürkert

One of the hashtags we use most is #bettertogether. We want to help Lea Bürkert, who has supported us in the past months with the organization of the GREENSTYLE, the fashion show and more. Lea is looking for a new professional challenge.

When Lea approached us on her own initiative because she found the GREENSTYLE exciting, we invited her to our “Headquarters” to get to know her a little better. Two days later, she sat with us at lunch and has been supporting us ever since with her passion for sustainable fashion. With the organization in the last weeks before the event, she supported us with organizational tasks of any kind, took over the organization for the fashion show and prepared fashion show stylings. Although the fashion show could not take place, we photographed the fair fashion looks during a two-day shooting.

lea bürkert

Das hat Lea Bürkert bislang gemacht

Lea Bürkert is a designer – especially in the field of sustainable fashion. Before she joined GREENSTYLE, she has been working as a menswear fashion designer for the last five years for companies such as Hessnatur, which mainly produce in Europe and are sustainable. There she developed collections in the product groups jersey, sweat, shirt and partly knitwear.

What do we appreciate about Lea?

She is very open-minded and enjoys making international contacts, which has always helped her to communicate with suppliers along the production chain. Her heightened sense of quality and the clean and stylish aesthetics she represents should be particularly emphasized. She is also interested in new challenges and tasks outside her field of experience. Lea is versatile in a variety of areas including design, product development, sales, styling and social media.

Maybe Lea fits into your team? Or you know where she would make a great addition. Pass it on with pleasure. In any case, we wish Lea good luck for the future and are happy not to lose sight of each other.

On request via lea.bü she will gladly send you her CV and portfolio.
Under @leabuerkert you can already get a look at her previous work.