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July 2, 2020

Post Corona

Post Corona Trends – #ourpostpandemicfuture

Even if sustainable fashion does not follow classic trends, many consumers do follow them – consciously or unconsciously. The last weeks and months of the lockdown have shown this. Face masks became a hyped fashion accessory, business fashion was exchanged for homewear. Minimalism is also higher on the agenda again in post Corona time.

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Interview: Viktor&Rolf x Calida

In January 2020, the Swiss lingerie brand, Calida, and the avant-garde luxury label, Viktor&Rolf, presented their joint Capsule Collection, “we want a better world” at NEONYT. Colorful, contemporary, insane details, and above all, 100 percent compostable.

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Footprint – the app for sustainable decisions

With Footprint, Munich-based founders, Sebastian Gier and Daniel Scholz, are planning a sustainable app that will help people understand their CO2 impact by putting figures into context. The impact stories on the Footprint will tie you over until the launch (beta version launching soon).

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