Eilean von Lautz-Cauzanet

© Eilean von Lautz-Cauzanet

Eilean von Lautz-Cauzanet graduated from Sciences Po Lille in France and Westfalia University Münster Germany and later obtained a PhD from Ecole Normale Supérieure Cachan / Orange Labs. Always passionate about innovation, development and fashion, Eilean considers herself as a slasher. Whilst working for the UN as consultant in the field of innovation and international development, she also lived her passion for fashion and entrepreneurship, running a fashionblog from 2013 to 2018.

This ‚double life‘ in hitherto still quite disconnected fields allowed her to adopt a broad perspective on sustainable development issues and convinced her of the need to develop combined solutions.

Witnessing the growing demand for sustainable brands, and convinced of the massive potential of social media when it comes to supporting the sustainable fashion movement, she started in 2015 to organize the VEPSI pop up sales, gathering sustainable brands, influencers and NGOs in a single event. Determined to scale the project she decided in 2018 to digitize with Leslie Djaoual this concept of combining sales, marketing and sustainability campaigns: together, they founded VEPSI, international sustainable marketplace & influencer program.